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Belarus Blocks Social Media to Stem Protests

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The AP reported that Belarus is attempting to block access to several social media websites in the hopes that it would thwart organized protests against President Alexander Lukashenko.  The protests have taken inspiration from protests in the Middle East that used social media to organize protests.

This most recent string of protests show social media’s integration within our culture.  What does it mean when groups push to limit and restrict access?  Social media has become a tool for reporters to gather and disseminate news. Does that mean that blocking access to social media is the same as gagging traditional media?

I would say that these actions are on par with gagging traditional media if only because websites such as Facebook and Twitter have become gathering places for people who want to know what’s going on in the world.  It’s true that they aren’t exclusive news organizations and aren’t necessarily privy to the protections of journalists, but the internet should always be a place where information is shared freely so that we can continue to grow as a culture.


Written by Christopher Siler

2011/07/04 at 06:17

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