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I met with the dean of my program today and realized something as we talked about my future as a reporter.  You must post and be active on social media every day if you want to be competitive as a reporter.  Technology has reached the point where future reporters don’t need to be part of a magazine, newspaper, TV or Radio station to start reporting the news and there are already success stories out there that prove you don’t need to be associated with a particular news entity to make a living.

Perez Hilton is an infamous example of a blogger that made it on his own.  His blog was originally a hobby for him to pursue his interest in celebrities that made headlines after The Insider claimed it was Hollywood’s most-hated website.  Perez is now one of the most popular Hollywood gossip bloggers on the internet and has become a celebrity in his own right.

In a similar vein, came about through Harry Knowles’ hobby of exchanging rumors and gossip about films on newsgroups.  He developed the website around the information and featured reviews as its primary offering.  Eventually the website evolved to include more contributors and Knowles was able to create a network of contacts within the movie industry that feeds his website with news about upcoming films in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.  The website has a dedicated following and offers up early screenings of films organized by Knowles and his contacts.

Both of these websites were created by users that updated often and maintained their presence.  It’s that constant presence on the website and on related websites throughout the internet that has allowed them to become popular destinations for people interested in that kind of news.  Aspiring reporters must post just as often not only to support an interest in what they have to say but to help sharpen their skills and provide quality content for their readership.

Unfortunately, I have not updated nearly as often as I should, which hurts my potential readership.  Who wants to return to a website that updates once or twice a week when there are plenty of other websites with similar material that update five to seven days a week?  I am more likely to follow websites that update constantly because it feeds my desire for news and up-to-date information than I am websites that update occasionally when the contributors get around to it.  It’s time to stop looking at social media and start doing something with it.


Written by Christopher Siler

2011/07/12 at 22:55

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  1. You make a very good point, Chris. Frequent posting, coupled with constant promotion and branding is what drives interest in startup sites. The big brands in news had a head start in being well-known offline, but they can be beaten at this game.

    Mandy Jenkins

    2011/07/13 at 03:33

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