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I’m moving back to because I don’t get much traffic in either place and I have a chance to start anew. This will stay up as an archive until further notice as I try to get traffic moving on my personal website.

You may wonder why I would move from a community website like this to an independently hosted blog, but my reasons are straight forward.

I don’t want to try and update more than one blog – Life is pretty busy for me right now and I have enough difficulty developing one blog (obviously). It would be bad business to try and split a potential audience between two blogs covering the same beat.

I can start fresh – My host decided to be nice and update his server with the newest release of WordPress. Unfortunately my forwarding code and old blog data got lost in the move, but that’s okay. There were a handful of posts about a visit to a convention and nothing important. I have the chance to start fresh with a new look and content.

Neither blog is getting traffic – No posts means no traffic, I said I was back at the beginning of the month and got no traffic. Perhaps it was the month long pause between that post and this one that contributed, but I don’t have a problem with that. It makes the decision to move to a single fresh blog all the easier.

Maybe this blog will reactivate in the future, but for now it will stay dormant. You should still visit me at though and let me know what you think.


Written by Christopher Siler

2012/03/01 at 05:23

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