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Guess it was just a cold snap

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The server that hosts was hacked right after my last post, so this blog is coming out of cold storage. The lesson of the day? Always use strong passwords and don’t be afraid to consult the pros.

I had a grand plan after my last post. I was going to start writing regularly again, but within a day or two of that post I got an email from the server master, my brother, that someone hacked the website. It wasn’t clear what the hacker changed, so all the data were suspect. I put all posts on hold, hoping that the situation would be resolved soon, but now it’s not clear what we’re going to do.

The hack has left my brother weary of continuing hosting duties on his own, so we’re going to consult some server pros for design and hosting device. It’ll take at least a couple months before we can even start the process, so I’m back here until further notice. Right now there’s just a redirect to this blog until we’ve got our plans finalized, so look forward to some regular posts (hopefully).

See you guys later!


Written by Christopher Siler

2012/03/13 at 20:48

Posted in Personal

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